urban design consultancy

Developing urban quality in a new neighborhood

How does a neighborhood achieve a lively, attractive atmosphere that makes you want go there? In the near future the new neighborhood of Bellakvarter will spring from the ground to surround Bella Center, Scandinavia’s biggest conference centre. UiWE is developing the cultural strategy to promote a diverse urban atmosphere for Bellakvarter. Cultural planning in Bellakvarter. This includes consultancy on its urban design as well as future cultural events. However, the greater ambition for this area is the creation of longterm value through activating public squares, parks and buildings from the earliest construction period onward. The output includes a catalogue of concepts for cultural and urban programming that encourage public involvement in the neighborhood from its very beginning.



Collaboration between COBE Architects, Vilhelm Lauridsen Architects & UiWE Cultural Design Agency


Time & Location

2013. Copenhagen, Denmark.



Concept development, design visualizations and presentations



Consultancy + Strategy + Urban design

Developing a cultural strategy for a new urban area in Copenhagen around the Bella Center District. UiWE’s involvement includes consultancy regarding urban qualities, values and initiatives that can empower the further development of the area.



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