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the fake and the prop

the fake and the prop

1st Classified, HG TV Setting Competition’10.

The Briefing

NXTLIive is to become the flagship programme of Het Gesprek, a Dutch commercial TV station. NXTLive is a daily live talk show, a magazine style programme consisting of 8 items ranging from a column of 1 minute to an in depth conversation of 20 minutes. NXTLive is recorded from a location in the centre of Amsterdam facing the lively street life. Key words in describing the atmosphere of the programme are: open, relevant, real (as in authentic, non glamorous), modern and positive.



From technology to prop, from real to fake


‘The Fake and the Prop’ project builds on the concept that television is a medium that plays with the real and the fake and aims to find an honest in-between space where to perform.



The idea is to combine the realistic and conceptual definition of reality. The first based on the context, the second one on the content. The proposal consists in creating an interaction between the context (the lively street life of Amsterdam) and the content (the interview talks content) by using Smart Glass technology.



Smart Glass is a laminated glass that changes state from transparent to opaque when an electrical current is activated. When it is in opaque mode it can perform as a high quality LCD display screen. In this proposal all the setting (floor, windows, walls and furniture) is constructed with Smart Glass material with the aim of manipulating the perception of the real and the fake.



Het Gesprek TV Setting Competition

*** 1st Classified

The project is the result of the collaboration between the Dutch commercial TV station Het Gesprek and Design Academy Eindhoven.

Time and Location

Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2011


Master of Design (MDes), Contextual Design Master's Program. Design Academy Eindhoven 2011.


TV setting, smart glasses, interaction design

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