contribution to save as [mine] by maya ben david

SAVE AS [MINE] is an installation created for The Machine during Manifesta 9 by Maya Ben David.

Spread over the tiled flooring of a decommissioned coal mine of Winterslag, Belgium, SAVE AS [MINE] connected the story of the local mine to a wider cultural phenomenon. Over the duration of the exhibition, designers were invited to contemplate the void created by vanished industry in their own place. Each personal ‘figure of memory’ was made made into a tactile 3d printed tile, while the source inspiration, links, and associations, were embedded in a digital mosaic. 

My contribution

“Sorry we ART open just for the crisis season” reflects on the topic “social art versus institutional art”in the city of Madrid, Spain. 

Description: Social Art Versus Institutional Art

The Tobacco Factory of Madrid, ‘Tabacalera’ was built in 1790 and was home of the Royal Tobacco Company until 1999 when the industry ended. Since then public institutions have fight to occupied this void created by the vanished industry. The Ministry of Justice, the Prado Museum and the Decorative Museum considered it perfect to expand their agencies. Finally it was awarded to the future National Centre for the Visual Arts. Then, the crisis. The Ministry of Culture therefore, decided to use the building as a temporary social cultural center adapted to the new requirements by unemployed young citizens, artists and neighbourhood organizations. The stronger the economic crisis become the longer the license to be open is extended. Now, it will be valid until at least 2016. Ironically, we art open just for the crisis season.



SAVE AS [MINE] is an installation created for The Machine during Manifesta 9


Maya Ben David


Isabel Valdés Marín

Time & Location

2012. C-mine Design centrum, Genk, Belgium.


Contribution to 

save as [mine]

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