Interventions and workshops

Rapid Prototyping

There are many types of ways of prototyping for social innovation, from fast to slow, provocative to communication channels between two involved parties. Fast prototyping is important to move fast into a social field in order to identify dilemmas and controversies, as said in Co-design “fail early to succeed sooner” (Hillgren, Seravalli & Emilson, 2011). For the project in Lund’s Library the designers chose fast prototyping as the main vehicle to communicate with the librarians, stakeholders, visitors and citizens that were not so involved with the library. In total Lund’s Library project involved seven interventions and three workshops.

During the project 7 interventions were carried out:

1) Mapping library visitors

2) What do you want today?

3) Collaborative poem

4) Critical signs

5) Vandalising windows

6) Interactive posters

7) Displaced furniture

and 3 workshops:

1) Redefining the library

2) The future of our library

3) Create your own book

Lund Stadsbibliotek Project


The Lund Stadsbibliotek project is the result of the collaboration between a team of Interaction Design Master students from Malmö University (Malmö, Sweden) and Lund Stadsbibliotek (Lund, Sweden). The aim of the workshops and interventions carried out during the project was to answer three main questions based upon the observations and information from the conversations with librarians. These questions read as follows:

1) How to establish communication channels between users of the library, potential users of the library and librarians

2) How to challenge the image of the library as an academic place

3) How to establish new collaborations between the library and other local stakeholders. 



School of Arts and Communication (K3) > Faculty of Culture and Society > Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden.

Time & Location

January 2016. Malmö - Lund, Sweden.



This project was carried out during the Design and Social Innovation course led by Per-Anders Hillgren, Anders Emilson, and Anna Seravalli, as part of the Interaction Design Master Course of the School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University, Malmö Sweden



Malmö University and Lund Stadsbibliotek


Transversal Team

Made in collaboration with Dorien Koelemeijer, Franziska Tachtler, Lina Alvis, Sarah Homewood and Isabel Valdés Marín



Social Innovation, Participatory Design, Fast Prototyping, Sustainable Innovation, Citizen Engagement, Relational Art,  Dialogical Art, Prototyping, Collaborative Design, Relational Design 


Prototypes and Artefacts for Citizen Engagement in Social Innovation


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