inax bioceramic brand identity

Artquitect selects a series of technical tiles of the Japanese manufacturer INAX to distribute them exclusively in Spain and Portugal. To develop its spread of business all marketing and communication elements have to be designed.

The Product

INAX ECOCARAT is a technical ceramic tile for interior walls. It is capable of controlling the humidity level, reducing odors and eliminating harmful substances to health. It is a natural material and its texture and volume is based on traditional Japanese aesthetics. The identity brand design development carries out in the interplay between craft and technology

The Catalogue

The purpose of this catalogue is to gather all technical information, to convey the different models aesthetic and explain their potential applications. The catalogue is divided in two parts: The technical and product catalogue. They are both produced with different papers and formats and hand-sewn together to a folder with handles. 
It is worth highlighting that it is the first catalogue that displays tiles images on real size, which enable costumers to understand them in detail. The tiles are applied digitally to images of already existing architectural spaces that covers different types of quality public and private spaces.


‘Artquitect Biocerámica Inax’ merchandising product.
INAX ECOCARAT is a technical ceramic tile for interior walls. It is capable of controlling the humidity level, reducing odours and eliminating harmful substances to health.
This promotional product packaging is die cut and contain a INAX ECOCARAT tile of 18X6cm that can perform its functions in small spaces such as shoe boxes, trash cabinets, refrigerators, etc.


‘Artquitect Biocerámica Inax’ Outlets Display Wall.
Artquitect distributes ‘Artquitect Biocerámica Inax’ tiles exclusively in Spain and Portugal retail outlets. It provides all communication and marketing elements required for their sale taking also care of the brand image. The display wall can be adapted to different outlet spaces according to their profiles, highlighting the models and information that are considered most important for the sale. 



‘Artquitect Biocerámica Inax’ ceramic tiles brand identity design

Time & Location 

2007-2008. Barcelona, Spain - Tokyo, Japan 


ARTquitect, INAX Corporation Japan and Inax Ecocarat


Paqui Ricós

Coordination & Content

Isabel Valdés Marín

Graphic Design

Regina Puig


Eugeni Pons, Rafael Vargas and Albert Font

Photo Retouching

Isabel Valdés Marín




Coordination, content (images + text), image photoretouching





Product Catalogue
Technical Catalogue

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