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ASK Design Lab is a space designed to offer the ideal conditions for creative meetings. ​In line with a Scandinavian design approach ASK is an informal and friendly space, offering tools to help people design together. ASK is a place to learn, to get ideas, to test and to produce concepts.


Taking its name from the abbreviations of Asia and Scandinavia (which is spelled with k in Scandinavia) into ASK – Asian Scandinavian Design Lab, the space is drawing on the best Scandinavian design traditions, focusing on the social and functional aspects of design. ASK is designed to offer the ideal conditions for creative meetings, design and innovation processes.


ASK is created by the ASK Group consisting of LOOP Associates, EFFEKT Architects and UiWE Culture Design Agency in collaboration with Zhong Shang Trading Co. LTD.



LOOP Associates, EFFEKT, and UiWE


Time & Location

2013. Copenhagen, Denmark



Concept development, design visualizations and presentations

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