designing for an interCONNECTED complex world

who I am

I am Isabel Valdés Marín, a transdisciplinary user experience (UX) and interaction designer (IxD) and researcher who works combining several academic and professional disciplines in order to develop innovative products, services, media and spaces. I use design as a tool for shaping proposals that effectively and sustainably meet our current social needs.

what I do


User Experience (UX)

User Interface (UI)

Digital Innovation


Participatory Design

User Driven Design



Interdisciplinary Research 

Concept Development

Critical Design 

State of the Art Research

Trends Forecast



Industrial Design

Product Design

Furniture Design 

Artefacts Design

visual communication

Graphic Design

Web Design

Identity & Branding




Interior Design

Urban Design

my approach


group work

When it comes to innovation, bringing together distinctive knowledge and perspectives from diverse experiences is critical. Working with professionals and colleagues from different fields and contexts towards a common goal enable designers to develop proposals that effectively and sustainably meet social needs by establishing new relationships and better use of resources.

HUMAN-CENTERED (HCD) and participatory DESIGN

In order to develop real solutions to problems it is fundamental to involve stakeholders and users in all steps of the problem-solving process.

This approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency, improves human well-being, user satisfaction, accessibility and sustainability; and counteracts possible adverse effects of use on human health, safety and performance.


design research

My design research typically builds on the critical analysis of interdisciplinary theories and draws on the integration of established but also experimental methodological approaches from disciplines such as human computer interaction (HCI), humanities and art, and social sciences. The role of integration should be the establishment of a dialog across disciplines in order to generate a more comprehensive understanding of an issue though the creation of new connections, meanings or products.



Prototyping in both the studio and the real world contexts is key in my design practice. In order to do so my projects integrate methods and techniques that include, for example, the utilization of tangible interaction prototyping (sketching, wireframing, lo-fi prototyping, mockuping), the application of qualitative research techniques (contextual inquiry, focus groups, user diaries, cultural probes, etc.) or the usage of notions such co-design (co-creation, participatory design, collaborative design, etc.) among others.

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